I am glad you found me!!!

My name is Winnie Murugi from Nairobi, Kenya.

I am a freelance writer with over four years’ experience in writing articles, blog posts, web pages, product descriptions, product reviews and buying guides among other types of web content in a wide range topics. My academic background is in Media and Communication.

Some of my strengths and skills as a writer include:
• Excellent research skills
• Ability to use the appropriate tone
• Creativity
• Time management skills that enable me to deliver projects in time

• Google docs
• WordPress
• Content Strategy
• Proofreading and editing
• Ms Word and Ms Excel

Why I write

I can’t keep count of the number of times in a day that I do a Google search either to find a solution to a challenge am facing; to learn something new or master a skill; to get updated on the latest happenings; or simply to feed my curiosity. I find the information that I need because someone took their time to create and publish valuable content online.

I endeavor to write high-quality content that truly adds value to the reader so they too can find a solution, learn a skill or stay updated.

How can I add value to your business?

Quality content can be a key contributor to the success of your business by

• Attracting an audience to your website.
• Creating awareness about your business.
• Improving customer engagement with your company.
• Establishing a sense of trust among existing and potential customers which promotes conversion and customer loyalty.

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